2021 is the Transformative Year of Travel.

A warm Season’s Greetings from the Mluwati Concession! The start of the new year has been marked with an astounding burst of new life around the Concession as we enjoy the paradise of the summer reason.

The seasonal time of renewal in the bush is notably poignant this year as it seems emblematic of the transformation that this new year will bring. 2021 will decidedly mark a new, ground-breaking era of travel. Innovation, planning, and global cooperation will enhance the travel experience, not only from a health and safety perspective but also, by increasing the value of the time and money you spend on leisure.  These inventive practices, sparked only in part by the necessity brought by the onset of the pandemic last year, are emerging at each step of the global travel experience to increase the sustainability of the travel industry as a whole. Whilst the pandemic has certainly brought ambiguity when it comes to planning, our innate desire to travel has remained steadfast.

According to insurance aggregator, Squaremouth, 85% of all trips booked with travel planners in North America and Europe for 2021 are for international destinations—a majority of which are bound for Africa and island destinations. As countries around the world experience renewed waves of the pandemic, resulting in continued travel uncertainty, industry experts believe that 2021 will compel travel companies to adopt and maintain industry-leading policies that add flexibility to travel plans when it comes to allowing travelers to postpone or cancel trips when necessary. Across the globe, the rapid distribution of the coronavirus vaccine will also seek to abate fears regarding traveling internationally.

At the destination, especially in South African wildlife establishments, stringent and innovative practices have been systematically implemented to ensure a standardized and consistent level of safety throughout your journey. At a fundamental level, the leisure experience has been elevated to maximize your wellbeing over and above your safety. Take, for instance, the introduction of our Exclusive Use offers at Hamiltons Tented Camp and Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge, which go beyond exclusivity and privacy. The purpose of these offers is to provide an idyllic sanctuary for travelers to reinvigorate themselves and to reinforce their bonds with their trusted circle—all whilst immersed in the healing powers of nature.

For travelers who enjoy the company of others—as there is indeed a truly inimitable thrill of sharing unparalleled moments with like­–minded people!—all of us have worked hard behind the scenes to make certain that no need goes unmet whilst safeguarding your safety ( https://imbali.com/what-are-the-new-protocols/ ).

Most compellingly, 2021 has cemented the collective desire to travel consciously and sustainably. As Forbes notes, travel experts predict that travelers will be more thoughtful and responsible when it comes to where they are going and how they are approaching the whole travel experience. This philosophy towards travel reflects the principles that the entire Mluwati Concession Team has strived for as a sustainable ecotourism product located within the heart of the iconic Kruger National Park (https://hoyohoyo.com/sustainable-benefit-of-concession/).  In Africa, particularly, much of the continent relies on ecotourism for community empowerment, wildlife conservation, and land preservation (https://hamiltonstentedcamp.co.za/preserving-natural-spaces/).

The bush, with its wide-open spaces and natural social distancing, therefore remains the ultimate destination for 2021. The Mluwati Concession Team looks forward to being inspired by the innovation created and shared by our global community of travelers, and we will continue to enhance our small part in helping to transform the world we live in for the better. Happy 2021!

Best Regards,
The Mluwati Concession Team

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